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Summer vibes

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Sunny days longing on my list, waiting to be felt. The day that I can finally wake up with a smile on my face when the sun wakes me up, as I know, that I can go outside and feel the sun’s essence in full glory instead of being locked up inside a dark room with only words running through my mind.

No timetables, no deadlines and no stress about giving school priority. I can actually wake up and just spend the whole day doing arts & crafts, eating food, spending a lot of time on Instagram (hehe), going out or even just simply doing nothing. I feel like I am no longer attached to strings.

How do I actually want to spend this summer tho? I actually want to do something and not just watch films and series all day. Having already read a lot of summer blogposts I wanted to make a list myself.

Random Roadtrip

I just want to grab my camera get in the car and off you go. Not knowing where and when. Or even traveling with a road map instead of the navigation. Just being so spontaneous. I would love to go on a bike but there are just not many ‘bike safe’ roads in England.



Breakfast Picnic

I do not want just some cereals for breakfast anyways. I would only have them if I am running late in the morning. Other than that I like to make my breakfast a bit fancy haha and with a picnic on the grass it is just perfect. Even a brunch just sounds great to me. Food in nature (even tho I would be the first one to scream and run away if I see a wasp near me haha).

Cafe adventures

Discovering a new cafe and spending a whole day in there. Preferably one that does a range smoothies rather than coffee. I seriously do not like coffee although I love the smell of it. Last summer I was really into making home-made smoothies but as soon as school started this faded away. Hopefully I will be back into making my own healthy smoothies again as they are one of my favourite snack in the drinks category.

Bake Cake

Before being into blogging or even being busy with school, I used to have another hobby: FOOD. Now I do not mean just eating food all day haha. No I actually mean baking cakes, scones, cookies, smoothies or even bigger dishes like quiches or tarts. I seriously loved baking and cooking but this passion started to decrease once the workload of school increased. I even used to blog about recipes on my blog as well but I felt like taking pictures of food and writing about themtook the most time. This summer I want to bring this passion back.

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Morning Run

I want to put this on my to do list but I do not know wether I would actually do it haha. Not the fact that it is the morning as I am actually a morning person and even on holidays I will wake up at 7am. I just do not feel comfortable running randomly on the streets. Maybe in a foreign country on holiday but not somewhere where everybody knows me…

Exploring Forests

There are actually so many beautiful landscape in England. Well at least if your are into the nature. Such as the Peak district National Park which from google images looks so pretty but I actually want to see it myself. Hiking there all day, taking lots of pictures of course and having a picknick. That sounds so good!


Tumblr-ing my Room

For months (actually for years but lets just ignore that) my room has been a mess as I did not even used to get around to clean my room. I want to change up things in my room and bring a different vibe to it. You know since we are in Summer I want to make it look like summery with flowers and all. I do have a few ideas for interior and may even share it on my blog.

These are some of the things that I look forward to doing this Summer.
Do you have any tips or ideas that you will be doing?


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