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Tumblr Travel Interior

IMG_0184_4 copy

Tumblr is my go-to for inspiration. I seriously love Tumblr. Apart from the typical best-friends-on-beaches-and-half-naked type of pictures there is actually so much more to it.

Being a wanderlust myself I could not resist sticking some type of photos onto my wall. I do not own a polaroid unfortunately although I am on the search for a good one. So I though about a different type of idea : sticking postcards on my empty white wall. I have been collecting postcards for quite a while now whenever I go travelling. Some of my very first ones are quite childish with even 3d effects on them haha but nowadays I try to go for some more sophisticated ones.

IMG_0179_4 copy

IMG_0180_4 copy

This postcard is literally one of my favourite from Paris when we went to see the Eiffel Tower.


After sorting out the order of the cards start to stick some blue tack on the back and then stick it onto the wall. As my collection grows so will this. Clearly from the amount of cards of the walls I still need to travel a lot haha.

IMG_0194_6 copy

Do you collect postcards when you travel?


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