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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

white frill

IMG_0110_5 copy

Sometimes black needs to be replaced by white. Especially in the Summer time when lighter colours are needed.

IMG_0112_4 copy

IMG_0114_6 copy

I have tried to start going more for the colour white in my outfits. Even though you can still see the black tiny flowers on my trousers as going completely without black is just impossible. It is just a go-to colour and the perfect basic. However lately I have started to bring more white into my outfits.

This outfit is actually from a month ago as I took it during my exams when I did not have any time to go outside and take outfit pictures. That is probably the reason for why I am dressed so smart. Else I would have probably been in some shorts and a t-shirt with the hot weather outside right now. I actually think that England has had a Summer for 2 FULL DAYS haha.

Top- New Look
Trousers- Miss Selfridge

Has it been hot where you live?


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