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Summer Picnic

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If only it was sunny in England 24/7 I would actually have every single meal outside on the grass. It just gives me such a nice feeling. I mean we have food every day at the table it is just something different when you finally have food somewhere else (for example without a table).
The fresh smell of grass, the sun’s rays reflecting from the sunglasses and staring towards the sky just make me want to go outside and have a picnic right now haha.

You can see this post as a picnic inspiration post or as a post for food tips for picnics. In which ever way you see it I hope I inspire you for a weekend picnic. As how ever you spend your summer, a picnic is a must and cannot be missed out.

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We tried out a whole lot of different snacks which we then combined together. Since most of us are vegetarian, everything was vegetarian. It has been almost 2 1/2 years now that I am a complete vegetarian and therefore I have got around the idea of replacing my protein intake as well the flavour of chicken by Quorn. Seriously Quorn is in so much of my diet and I love it! Below I have listed some of the snacks that we had:

◦ Houmous, carrot sticks, toasted pitta bread and peppers
◦ Garlic bread
◦ Quorn sausages, cheese and cherry tomatoes on cocktail sticks
◦ Grapes and strawberries
◦ Doritos crisps and salsa sauce
◦ Roasted potatoes
◦ Quorn chicken nuggets

For drinks we had quite the variety as well:

◦ J2O
◦ 7up
◦ Iced water

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I see picnics as a way of coming together with family as well as friends of course without actually having a certain type of celebration. Actually having food on the grass can be seen as a celebration. Can’t it?

Let me know any of your favourite picnic snacks.


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