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The petite bag

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I have never really liked carrying a massive bag with me everywhere I go. This often leads me to not carrying a bag at all as the main thing that I normally need is right beside me, my phone. However when we are going shopping or just for a meal I like to take some tissues, wipes or lip balm with me which is not something I could fit altogether into my jean or coat pockets.

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This petite and chic black bag was just what I needed as it just allows me to put 1 or 2 things which I need and nothing more so I don’t go overboard with stuff which is obviously an advantage. So this has become my go-to bag to literally everywhere and since it is black it goes with just about all of my outfits. That does mean that you will be seeing it in a lot of upcoming outfit posts.

I love the quality of it as well and I am counting on it to last quite a while. I mean I payed £16 on such a petite bag.

Do you like carrying a bag with you?


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