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Divadames Look

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Experimenting new items and then sharing them onto my blog is one of the reasons that I started blogging. It allows me to try out various things with an actual reason. Lets take these wide trousers for instance. I do not think that I would have ever chosen them if it weren’t for my blog. My blog gives me confidence in my style. Not that I am turning into a right Diva ahaha but I would say that my blog is #myinnerdiva story.

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The complete look is from Divadames excluding the shoes which are from Topshop. The trousers actually challenge #myinnerdiva especially since I am so much more comfortable in a pair of skinny jeans and this is therefore completely the opposite. After this look I definitely want to try out more looks with various bottom parts, like culottes which at first I was quite afraid to style, but giving it a shot may well be the opposite outcome. On top of it these trousers are way too comfortable and I definitely felt like walking in pyjama bottoms all day.

Divadames has a wide range of comfortable as well as chic clothing and I have been buying from them quite a while now. Recently they have introduced an Affiliate option on their website which I wanted to share on my blog as when you purchase online at Divadames with my link you will not only help me but also benefit yourself as you will receive an automatic 35% discount at the checkout. For more information click here. So if you are about to buy these fancy trousers as well make sure you do it on my link 😉


Trousers- Divadames
Top- Divadames
Shoes- Topshop

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