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Arrived in Berlin

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We have been in this hipster city for a few days now and with no internet it is hard to keep my blog up to date. Currently I am in the train and I am actually leaving this vibrant and liberal city. However the getting lost in this massive city, the vibes and just the history of this city will just continue to attract me to it and I will surely be coming back to it one day.

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Apart from learning about WW1, WW2 and the cold war in the classroom, it is a whole different experience when you go to the actual country and see it all for yourself. You can see the complete contrast between the historical museum and the actual day-to-day life in current Berlin. I mean it is hard to say that there was a time when it was divided by a wall. There are a lot of monuments around Berlin that do show the actuall place of the wall but other than that it is just like any normal city.

Now I am actually on the train to Amsterdam where I will be spending the next few days. Until then enjoy some of the pictures of the beautiful historical Berlin that I took on the first day. You can certainly expect more Berlin post which will include outfits or even places to visit in Berlin.

Have you ever been to Berlin?


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