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Black in Berlin

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I love how every city has its own street style. So before going to this hipster city I looked up some of Berlin’s own street style but also colliding it at the same time with my style.

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Black is one of the key colours that suits every city but especially in Berlin I saw so many fashionistas with a black pair of sunnies for exampe. Obviously I did not only go there to be a typical tourist but also to take in some street style inspiration. I did wear a pair of black sunnies that day as it was quite sunny during the day but towards the end of the day it started to rain.

The Berliners sure know how to style black so even I went for my new black culottes and this oversized top. Although I saw the trend of culottes more in Amsterdam, there is nothing wrong with being a hipster in the city of hipsters haha

This was also the day that we arrived in Berlin so I needed a comfortable outfit to travel in and a pair of culottes were just what I needed. Although I never tried this trend out before, I definitely look forward to buy more culottes for in the future.

Top- Pull&Bear
Culottes- Pull&Bear

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