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East & West

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‘High in the sky between the clouds. I am just getting over the fact that I am actually going to Berlin which I only booked less than a month ago’.

In todays post I will be taking you through my first day in Berlin for which I had to wake up at 3am and I actually had breakfast at 5.30 . We arrived at the Berlin Tegel airport at 9.10 and after dropping our luggage off at our rooms off we went onto discovering more about this historical city.

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We set foot through the Tiergarten which was a beautiful forest on the West side of the city which includes not only one massive main road that goes straight through it but also the Brandenburg Gate and the victory column (but more about that in another post).

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We went to various memorials whilst looking for a place to lunch. They are literally everywhere with a lot of different stories attached to them. Some of them are new modern ones from as late as last year whilst others are from the 1800s. Since I am a big fan of history this will never bore me haha

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Below is the Beethoven-Haydn-Mozart memorial which we did not expect to see as we were just wandering through the Tiergarten. From the name you can probably already recognise the famous musicians. This was a special memorial dedicated to them and has been located here since 1904.

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Then we also came across the Sowjetisches Ehrendenkmal which was a memorial dedicated to commemorate Soviet deaths at the end of WW2. It also had names of the soldiers written in Russian which was so cool.

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After the exploration of the garden we also wanted to experience the German public transport and we stepped on the U-bahn and S-Bahn to be exact. We stepped off in Berlin Mitte and started to wander around the streets and Berlin’s architecture.

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On the first day we also visited the DDR museum and for all of the people who learned about Berlin and the Cold War know that this was the East side of Berlin. We learned so much in class about it but it is still a completely different experience when you go  and check everything out yourself. For example it was very interesting to learn about fashion in the DDR which is something that we wouldn’t have learned in class  and we even drove a Trabant which was literally so much fun. If going to Berlin I seriously recommend this museum.

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We further ended the day with just walking around Berlin and looking for a photo automat which I heard of were a lot in Berlin. After an hour of walking we finally found one. We were quite hungry by then as we didn’t have any food since lunch and it was 9pm already. Luckily there was a Mcdonalds nearby but there was something special about it as it was on the American sector. Without realising it we were already at Checkpoint Charlie which we were originally going to visit the following day.

See you till my next adventure: Berlin day 2


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