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Abendessen in Aspendos

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The first night we just had dinner at Maccies as it was late and we couldn’t really find anything else except the bright yellow ‘M’ light. However on our second night we saw this fancy place while on our way to the dungeons and we planned that after the dungeons we will dine here.

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Looking for an Italian restaurant in a foreign country is something that can never go wrong. I mean everybody loves Pizza. There were a whole lot of pizzerias in Berlin but still I was glad to go to this fancy restaurant. The food wasn’t only delicious but also the prices were quite reasonable. I mean €5 for a whole pizza.

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For starters we decided to go for some bruschettas. Nobody and I mean nobody knows how to make the best bruschettas except the Italians themselves. I have tried to make them before at home but they just didn’t quite work out the way I wanted them to.

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Then for the main I was the only one to go for Spaghetti. Normally I would have gone for Pizza but firstly I felt like going for something else and secondly I was hoping for the Spaghetti to be a smaller portion. However this was not the case and halfway I was seriously struggling to finish it.  It was a different twist to the Spaghetti though which I quite liked.

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At the end we were all so full that there was seriously no space for dessert at all. Luckily we had dinner at 6pm so we were able to explore the East side gallery with our full tummies and with all that walking I definitely felt so much better haha.

This seriously was a night that started off with a good diner and ended with lots of walking which basically describes my two favourite things Food+Exploring haha


Aspendos GmbH
Rathausstraße 17
10178 Berlin

Good night xxxJazz

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