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How can a good morning be described in good words? First of all it includes Starbucks and second of all a good morning walk.

On our second day in Berlin we decided to breakfast at Starbucks nearby Checkpoint Charlie. Apart from having the perfect coffee smell inside Starbucks, I also love the soothing and calm feeling it always gives me when you sit inside it. Yep that definitely was a good morning.

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We had breakfast with the view of the busy city which is even more exciting. I just love sitting by the mirror with a cup of hot chocolate and just looking outside the window at random people haha.

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After visiting Checkpoint Charlie including a small little museum just by the side we decided to make our way over to the Jewish museum which I personally was ever so excited to visit. I already read really good reviews about it and how it was very different from other museum. Indeed it was very different. With every new section you walked in you felt something different. It was very moving as it was made in a way so that we were able to experience exactly what the Jews felt during World War 2. It also had so much information on Jews throughout the centuries and how they were treated in Germany. This was so interesting to read. I must say that this was one of my favourite museum so far.

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We weren’t able to stay at the museum all day although it certainly is a visit of half a day so definitely your moneys worth. We had to quickly make our way to the Berlin dungeons which we already pre-booked. As you may have noticed from my previous travel trips we always visit the dungeons in every city and this time it was Berlin’s turn. And just like every time I was very scared haha.

Next to the Dungeons there was also a very cute Ice-cream shop where we obviously got some ice cream from. We just sat down in the shop to eat the Ice-cream as it was raining at that time so we couldn’t really be bothered to walk.

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The East side gallery was a must on our to-do-list for that day as well. So we decided to go for a walk at the end of the day. We also got to see the East side of Berlin which surely was much more hipster. There was more of a vibe to it with a mixture of people or even the very loud music just in front of a subway and people just dancing to it and all of it was added up of course with the graffiti on the walls.

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We finished the day off with some photos from the Photo automat but this time in colour. This is definitely a day to be remembered with lots of memories attached to it.

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