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Deutsche Straßen

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Every city has a different story with its own history and culture. The architecture is especially something that speaks out to me and with my eye for photography I am always on the lookout for unique intricate details in the city which cannot be found somewhere else. In Berlin especially there is a twist of old and modern buildings coming through. I was especially on the lookout for the clashes between East and West. I loved the way that two sides had started to merge together but there were still relevant difference between them.

Friday was the day when we walked a lot. We left from the Berlin Hauptbahnhof towards the Tiergarten. Then we had to make our way through the Tiergarten to actually find the Victory column which was our first priority for the day. After following maps through the forest and even a little bit of google maps we finally arrived. Then came the part where we somehow had to cross over a giant roundabout which had at least 6 lanes with no stoplights. If it weren’t for the tunnel signs that we luckily found I swear I would have just tried to cross over the roundabout.

The tunnels took you under the roundabout to the Victory Column in the middle which was actually quite a smart idea to allow the traffic to flow and not get disrupted by tourists.

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In the tunnels there was music and these amazing lights which I cannot describe how they worked but they were just amazing and if you follow me on my snapchat you would have probably seen me doing weird jumps in front of them because I was so amazed by them just like a small child hehe.

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After the adventures of the tunnels we made our way to the Reichstag whcih we wanted to see from the inside but there were huge lines so we thought about leaving it and instead we decided to just take some typical tourist pictures in front of it.

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Also we quickly decided to go to a wall memorial which at first we had no clue about what it was but as soon as we arrived we understood that it was a memorial for a burial ground. A wall was made on top of it. Just the though of creating a wall on top of a burial ground for a stupid reason .

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After lunching at macies as we wanted to try out the German vegetarian version which I must say was way better than the one in England, we made our way to the botanical gardens. It look us 30 min in the train and then another 20 min to walk but literally time flies so quickly that you seriously don’t even realise it.

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The garden was literally huge. If ever going to Berlin I would suggest coming here after dinner to walk the evening away. Although they close sharply at 8pm it is still a nice way to end the day off. Also when I say sharply at 8 I mean 8 as when we entered the gardens they said that it is our own responsibility to leave the gardens at 8 else we will stay stuck in there till the morning. The time went by so quick that we literally had to run our way to the exit as we were all the way at the end. I literally thought that we weren’t going to make it haha

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They had way too many flowers with way too many called after me haha. Literally so many were called Jasmine. Also the gardens took us trough Europe, Asia and just the world which you were just able to tell yourself without looking at the map that was provided.

We also saw a few foxes and luckily I was able to take some pretty pictures but not too upclose as they ran away so quickly.

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Have you ever visited the botanical gardens before?


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