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Berlin Bahnhof

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Till the last day we were still on the lookout for what more can we do in this historical city before we depart from Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Wandering the streets like no commoners we once again were lost somewhere in the small streets in the search for Bebelplatz where the book burning took place. Since it was under construction we were not able to see it even though I was really looking forward to it.

With no other plans for the morning we headed to Starbucks where we had breakfast only 2 days ago. Although I really fancied the banana cake again, we all went for a much more lunch based meal even though it was just 11am. I opted for a wholegrain bagel with cream cheese and cucumber which was just so nice! Immediately I felt like I have a new bagel recipe to try out at home. Although it was overly delicious I was not able to finish it so I took it with me as a take away. We had to check out of the hotel before 12pm which we managed just on time by rushing and running through the Berlin subways for the last time.

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After leaving the hotel we headed straightaway for the Berlin Hauptbahnhof even though we were like 2 hours too early. Since we couldn’t go anywhere else with our suitcases we decided to grab some lunch for on the way to Amsterdam since it was going to be 6 hours in the train and find a suitable place for us to sit at at the platform.


Since we had a whole lot of time to spare we decided to take a whole lot of photographs and even snapchats which was literally so funny. If you follow me on my snapchat you probably saw them. I also decided to grab out my bagel again and have a bit of it but as soon as I was about to take a bite I actually realised that I wasn’t even hungry. Only about 10 min ago a women was searching for some food where I was sitting when she scared me as she was touching my bag. She then started to search the dustbin for some leftovers. When I had the bagel in my hand I saw that she was still standing there so I really wanted to give my bagel to her since she probably hadn’t eaten for days but I asked my cousin to give the bagel to her as I was too afraid that she might get offended and then start getting mad or something. Instead the women just took the bagel and just walked away without saying anything at all.

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As soon as the train arrived we made our way to our seats with our very heavy suitcases. After some help we were able to give them a suitable and safe place. This train went to Hamburg where we then stepped off. The train ride resulted of course in photographs, laughter, food, typing up blogposts, films and a beautiful view of the countryside of Germany.


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This was my last post of my Berlin diaries. I literally loved writing these travel posts. What did you think of them? Which Berlin post was your favourite?

From tomorrow on some of my Amsterdam posts will start to come online Yay!


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