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sunset in amsterdam

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I kept looking outside the window at the beautiful architecture of the Netherlands that was already present there even though we were nowhere near Amsterdam yet.

We arrived at Hamburg and then we arrived at Osnabrück however when we arrived in the Netherlands there was something different. Straight away you were able to tell that you were in a different country. The nature, the view, the buildings. Everything was so different which just makes you realise that every single country in this huge world is just worth visiting because it is just like you are visiting a different part of the universe.

On our way to Amsterdam we watched the Danish girl which seriously was a very good film. Even though I still havn’t seen the film ‘The theory of everything’ (I am probably the only one) damn Eddie Redmayne is such a good actor! The film would have not been the same without his acting. He just makes it come alive his character come alive.

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Apart from watching the film we were also able to enjoy the sunset in the beautiful Amsterdam.  It was a generous welcome of the city and it was even better when we stepped off the train. If only my eyes could speak but hopefully my camera lens can.

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I even tried to take a bit of an advantage of the sun to shoot some outfit pictures but the sun was not at the right angle by the time I was about to take some photographs. Here I am just wearing a very casual traveling outfit. Seriously these jeans are just so damn soft that I feel like I am wearing trackies in public which I would never dare to do haha.

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I matched my new glasses from accessorize which I bought at Birmingham airport before departure.  The outfit was already pre planned but the fact that my new retro glasses matched with the outfit wasn’t, so I was very glad that they did. I am seriously in love with them as they remind me of the 70s. Since I already have a very loved pair that give a 70s vibe I knew that I would love this pair to bits as well.

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This day came to an end so quick that I didn’t even realise. I would love to be on that train again as I loved the journey on the train. It was just lovely. So if you see me on the train next year travelling through Europe again you probably know why.

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