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Last rays of the Sun

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The past few weeks have been relaxing with series, rushing with catching trains in a foreign country and just doing stuff that you normally never feel like doing. For example cleaning up the clothes wardrobe. Every year at the end of the summer I give my massive wardrobe a changeover. It just makes me feel like I am having a fresh start with new ideas for outfits and I always like the way I can see my style changing throughout the years.

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The last days of summer are here, it is clear. Yesterday was my first day at college and I am kind of excited but nervous at the same time like any new student. I mean a new place and new people is quite scary at first but I feel like it is hopefully going to be quite a year with a lot of exciting things that will be coming up.

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I still have a few Summer posts left from the Netherlands that I will soon post online but other than that the summer vibes will soon disappear from my blog and Instagram. Maybe some throwbacks but other than that we will soon dive into autumn and say goodbye to the last summer rays.

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I still remember this day but only vaguely. It was quite a chill day with some shopping in Amsterdam and just exploring Amsterdam. I have been way too many times to this city but still I feel like a tourist in this city. After that we went to watch the suicide squad in the French Cinema, the Pathe which can be found everywhere in Amsterdam. With Dominos pizza and cheese bites as dinner we decided to go for a walk and to an old park where we always used to go to when we were younger. With so many memories already here, we definitely made some more.

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