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zomerse straten

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The streets of Amsterdam have something special.  The unique cafes, vintage shops and the sun glistening in the ‘grachten’ all adds up to the vibe. Of course it has to be in your luck to see the sun as just like England the weather can change instantly.

By now your probably know my love for architecture. I just love the intricate detailing of buildings. Wether it is old or new or even combined. In Amsterdam especially, you can see the merging of it all together where even some of the new buildings are made with an old design.

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Oh and you cannot forget the flowers. Wether it is by the flower markets or balconies . They are just adorable to look at. Especially when the sun is out.

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I seriously have a thing for black photography so I could not resist shooting some pictures in black and white in Amsterdam. I felt like it captured the beauty even more in black and white. It is so fascinating how the colour of the photograph can instantly change the story of the photograph.

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If there is one thing  that you cannot miss when you are in Amsterdam it is most definitely the bikes. There are actually more bikes than people in Amsterdam. This just shows its importance in the city itself so can we as wanderers miss out? haha Of course not so off we went on bikes in this ever so busy city. We went through streets and through parks like the Vondelpark but also through the Albert Cuyp markt to eat the famous Dutch poffertjes.

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We finished the day off with Patat Speciaal. Another specialty of the Dutch which I highly recommend to have when you do visit Amsterdam. It is basically chips in a little container or bag with lots of mayo, ketchup and unions. Literally so damn nice.


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