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Bagel and Beans

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Every city has those cute little shops. Something that sets the city apart. Now Amsterdam does not only have its typical coffee shops but there are also so many good cafes. One of which you will get to know today.

With more than 20 branches in Amsterdam alone the Bagel & Beans is a must to visit. Over the years it has really grown and even I have developed a love for it by just visiting it once. Some of the Dutch bloggers that I follow have been going on about it for a very long time so even I wanted to check the place out myself.

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We started off with drinks. My cousin went for a Jasmine tea I think I don’t remember anymore but I went for a green smoothie and omg it was so nice. At first I found it quite weird because it had this green powder on top of this red liquid but after I had one sip it I just loved it. I don’t know exactly what the ingredients were but one thing was for sure, it sure was something healthy.

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Then we decided for the Bagels which is what we actually came for, a bagel brunch. I had a sesame bagel with mozzarella, tomatoes, pesto, basil and cucumbers on it. It seriously was so nice. I will definitely be trying this at home myself since I am already a very big bagel fan. I just wish we had a Bagel & Beans in England as well. I could have tried out more bagels then as they have so many different options to choose from.


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I loved the atmosphere in the cafe with a different design to it. I would describe it as a bit of modern tropical haha but also the weather was perfect on the day as well. The sun was shining so some of the customers were having their meal outside which I would have loved as well but it was just too busy and full for us to sit outside.

I hope I convinced you to surely visit the Bagel & Beans when in Amsterdam.


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