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Zandvoort Zon

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With wind through my hair, I slowly walk through the soft sand and I listen to the waves of the water which I can see in the distance. There is the slightest glow from the sun but it doesn’t matter that the sun isn’t in its full radiance today as all that I needed that day was a quite place to get away from the ever so busy city days.

How ever much I may like to travel to cities and explore their culture, I will always be a quiet country girl at the same time. It was a nice way to end all the travelling that we had been doing the past few days. Sometimes you just need to get away from people haha and just be on your own and nature.

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We knew that the Summer days were coming towards the end but nothing beats spending your last day at the beach. It is just so calm and relaxing over there, that it is the perfect place to just forget everything.

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It was some beautiful hours spent at the beach. I wish we actually stayed longer so that we would have been able to see the sunset but we had to go in order to find some diner.

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Someday I would love to buy a beach house which just sounds so cool. Just waking up to the sounds of the waves and if the weather is not cloudy every day I could even be lucky enough to see the sunset and sunrise which just sounds beautiful.

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This is my last post of Amsterdam already. It took a while but I got to it eventually haha. I still have one more post about a meet up that I had in Amsterdam so that should be up soon enough as well.


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