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At Toki with Lauresque



Exactly 7 weeks ago I would have been in the anticipation of a good day. Even though it was my last day in Amsterdam and the rain was tapping against the window. I knew that I wouldn’t have stepped outside if it wasn’t for this meet-up.

I stood up quite early that day to make sure that I would arrive on time at the Dam Square. After all I am usually always the ‘late’ one. Upon my arrival I felt so nervous and suddenly panicked what if I don’t recognise this girl who I have only seen through photographs or understood through blogposts. However with my little friend called wifi, Laura and I were able to contact each other, as a matter of fact Laura was running late. We decided that it would make more sense if I started to walk towards the Centraal Station where she would have been arriving first.


Whilst waiting I got lost somewhere in my phone when a girl walked up to me saying hi, that is when I suddenly realised that ‘O yeah I was waiting for Laura’. We gave each other a hug and straight away went into talking. It just all came so naturally. We talked and talked (well most of the time I talked since I am such a talkative person and just wouldn’t keep my mouth shut haha).

We went to this local coffee place where luckily they also served tea. It was literally such a chill place with lovely thee. I think I had the Jasmine tea or Laura had the Jasmine tea. I don’t remember which one I had exactly but seriously it was so nice. Really wish that I had a cup of tea from Toki right now whilst typing up this blogpost.



What better way to drink tea than with a lovely chit-chat. Laura and I covered all the possible subjects. From education to politics. Talking about just about everything. It felt like catching up with a close friend at a local hangout. Some people you just click on straight away with and Laura was one of them. It is so strange how through this one app you get to meet so many interesting people with amazing personalties. Not only travelling broadens your horizon but meeting new people does as well.


Then of course just like any bloggers we took a whole lot of photographs where the owners did not mind at all. Instead they were so nice to us which definitely makes me want to come back here again.



Another reason for why I would like to come back is tha bananana cake. Omg this was so damn nice. I mean I have had banana cake from Starbucks before but this was nothing compared to that as it was just so good.









I am glad Laura showed me this place as it is definitely a place I would like to visit again. Also I was so glad to meet such a beautiful soul like Laura who is such a kind person. This kind of experiences just increases my confidence in meeting people through the internet which before just felt like something very absurd.

To check out the place click here

To check out Laura’s blog click here


Photographs with a * are Laura’s.

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