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From green leaves to colour


Slowly the warmer days are disappearing and replaced by the cooler windy days. The type of days where you look confused at your wardrobe as you just do not know what to wear. The sun is out but the temperature is low.  That is when layers of warmth but as well as colours come in handy. Just like a thermostat you can then regulate your layers throughout the day.





Just like any blogger I love Fall haha. I do not want to get into those typical layering blogposts but I do have to share some of the layers that I am wearing. The top on my list currently is this white denim jacket which I nicked from my cousin’s wardrobe hehe. It is my go to jacket for just any casual outfit. Then comes my current favourite, the flared jeans which are just the perfect autumn jeans. Especially when you need a change from your regular black high waisted jeans.

Apart from talking about clothes I also wanted to mention the beauty of nature which is somehow still visible in the photographs. I love this phase, the changing of the leaves is just so damn pretty. I can especially see it when I am in the car and out and about. England is just very pretty in Autumn and I get to experience this beauty everyday when I go to my college in my car through a forest.

What is your favourite go-to Autumn piece?



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