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Red culottes


When I think of Autumn it is not only the season of the layers but also the season of the rich colours. Navy, mustard, khaki and burgandy. They could be called blue, yellow, green and red but no they are ‘special’ colours which can only be worn best in the autumn time.





When I saw these culottes hanging on the rack (back in summer haha) I immediately thought of Autumn. Although I am still not too sure wether to call them burgundy or a rich red, one thing is for sure they are the perfect pair of culottes to be worn on those confusing Autumn days. When it is neither too hot or too cold. Since I already invested in a pair of black culottes, I now wanted to start experimenting with various colours but also designs. Such as this pair has a bow at the front that you can tie which is just the perfect way to finish off any outfit.

To add more of a Autumn-y feel to my outfit I could obviously not miss out on my brown shoes which I bought exactly year ago in the Autumn.

What is your favourite colour to wear in Autumn?


Culottes- Forever21
Top- Divadames
Shoes- BHS

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