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LFW inspiration


I know I know LFW is long gone but it has surely left behind so many outfit inspiration that I still could not resist not posting this ‘late’ post. From different colour socks to velvet culottes, today I have a whole lot of inspiration for the Autumn season as well as for the Winter months. Straight from the people, who probably just like me, spend a very long time standing in front of their wardrobe, perfectly deciding what to wear that day. From the colour of the shoes till which size and print scarf to wear ahaha.


Oversized coats or duster coats as you may know them, are the perfect way to wrap up any outfit. Even though you are not able to see the whole outfit, with this specific worth-investing-in piece more attention is given to the lower body. Such as the trousers styled here with the navy lace shoes. Oh and don’t forget to tuck some of you hair into the coat to make the outfit look even more effortlessly.


Velvet is here to take over this month as already made clear by a whole lot of bloggers as well as LFW. Wether it comes in skirts, dresses, tops or trousers it is definitely a material to worth playing with. I would say go with a basic velvet coloured top or something and once you are much more comfortable with this trend maybe try a pair of velvet trousers which will make your outfit just ultra chic.

If you are not a heels person just like me then fear no more girl as trainers are here to stay but then with a different twist. Like I have paired myself before with flared jeans, try them even with maxi skirts or midi skirts to fully get the off duty look.


A good pair of sunnies can complete any outfit. Also I can not forget to mention the funky messy hair. The beachy wavy hair are just loved by anyone (especially by moi).


Can we just appreciate these funky pants but also the colour combination is just spot on. A summery green combined with autumn navy, and I believe that that jacket is sparkly. Another trend which is seriously worth trying. Sparkly clothing items wether it’s jackets, tops, skirts or dresses. Style a sparkly top for example with mom jeans to make it much more casual. A outfit with a glittery jacket will also soon be online.




This gorgeous printed jumper styled with a unmissable suede skirt and of course the shoes which are just adorable. Back at it again with those rich autumn colours which just match perfectly with the leaf colours.


Still want to give your outfit some colour as your whole outfit is black? Don’t forget the power of the socks as they are counted as very important  accessories as well ahha.




Big pants are also something to look out for. Especially if you are able to wrap a bow with it at the front. The perfect way to wrap up any outfit and just like on the photograph you can just style it casually with any t-shirt that you are currently obsessing with at the time.


Oh did I forget to mention sparkly shoes count as well?


The most basic outfit ever. Just one of your favourite jumper styled with a black denim skirt and just with converse. Doesn’t this outfit just remind you off Urban Outfitters or is it just me?


Go bold or go home. That is the message that this photograph is giving me. Wether it is a bright mustard jumper dress or a dark floral dress. Both are definitely something that will challenge your inner fashionista.

I hope this gave you enough inspiration to last you Autumn and Winter ahah.

If you would like to read a post about Paris Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week then do let me know.

What is your current favourite trend?


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