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Black look


Photography has always been a passion of mine and this especially expanded when I got a camera about 3 years ago. Suddenly I was able to take photographs with very good quality and have amazing results which excited me even more. However this excitement grew even more when I got the 50 mm lens. I mean if you are into photography there is no way that you have not heard of this lens which I just see as my baby.



With this lens I started to take more portraits of people as I felt like I was able to catch the emotions into that one click of a button.
Since I got the lens just days before I was leaving for India, I was able to take some incredible photographs. However as soon as I came back from India suddenly there was nothing exciting to take photographs off but also I did not really have time to take portraits of someone because of school. This lead me to try and experiment with my own face.



Turning your own face into a piece of art work is quite the challenge. As obviously you see yourself very differently and the lens sees you differently. Of course I am used to photographs being taken off me for outfit photography but this was different. Suddenly the lens was closer to your face. Often capturing emotions and thoughts in the photograph which would have been unachievable when posing for an outfit photograph.



This allowed me to experiment with my own face in different ways and that is also the reason why you always see my own portraits on Instagram etc. However I never really posted these photographs on my blog as I thought that they weren’t ‘suitable’ enough but when someone close to me mentioned that this is part of you as well and nothing restricts you from sharing something that you passionately love on your own blog which only you control, it got me thinking. It is after all fashion photography that I love.


In this photoshoot I tried to create a 90s look which I have been obsessing with recently especially since I have found these hoop earnings in the back of my jewellery box somewhere. I remember wearing them all the time when I was younger but then I stopped. I think because they went out of trend or something haha.


I even tried to edit some of the pictures in 90s style so that is the reason for why some pictures have different exposures and lightning but I am actually happy with the outcome. I want to develop more on my photoshop skills so you will be seeing more of that on my blog in the coming days.

What do you think of the photoshoot (and my editing skills ahah) ?


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