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Love moschino


I have had glasses for quite a few years now but I was never really fond of wearing them. Since I am short sighted I don’t have to wear them 24/7 luckily. However I still have to wear them when driving or watching tv as I literally would not be able to see. Everything is blurry in the distance, but as soon as I wear my glasses, everything becomes clear which is a clear sign obviously that is telling me to wear my glasses as much as I can, but still it never really motivate me to do this.



The thing that does motivate me however is the design of it. This may sound so silly but when it comes to clothes I take them quite seriously which includes the glasses as well hehe. Since I was able to get a new pair of glasses again after having an eye test done a few weeks ago (My 1 eye has even gone worse oops) I knew I have to get a pair that I will seriously wear. That is when I saw these pretty glasses ‘Love Moschino’.



They have gold and silver in it making it easier to style it with various outfits but also it has the colour brown and burgundy in it, making them those pretty vintage autumn glasses and that just makes me even happier. Now whenever I go to take some outfit pictures I even think that they are the finishing touch to my outfit.

Also did I mention the eye cat design of it? This is something that I really like as well because I wanted glasses like this for such a long time now but the only thing was that I felt like they wouldn’t suit me. However the pair that I got now only has a small cat eye effect so it isn’t too much (if you know what I mean).



So in the upcoming weeks when you see a lot of outfit pictures with these glasses, you will know the story behind them 😉

Click here for the glasses.

Do you wear glasses?


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