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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

the sparkly jacket


Expressing ourself is what clothes are all about. Wether you like to dress all in black everyday or just wear the most comfortable baggy clothes in which you don’t care what anybody thinks about you. When it comes to my style, I would say that it surely is preppy but quite adventures at the same time. I usually go for new different pieces but still styling them up in the same way. Like Coco Chanel said ‘Fashion fades, only style remains the same’.



This quote just describes it perfectly. Every season new pieces enter our closet. However it is up to you if you will be trying out new pieces that season or are just sticking to the basics. I always like to go on a new trip with my closet. Whereby I know that the new pieces that come out in that season, are only worth experimenting with then as you never know when fashion changes again. I like to take the opportunity with fully trying out various pieces before we move on onto new exciting pieces for the next season.



It is a new challenge every time and personally I think that this is what allows fashion to go and always be exciting. When I talk about clothes it just excites me. Especially when someone asks me about the latest trends. I am like ‘where do I start?’ Every season there is always so much going on. Especially in my head. There are so many different ways to style pieces and bring them back alive again in new outfits.


Such is this glittery jacket. Since this season is all about the glam and glitter, it just allows me to wear glitter waaaay before Christmas hehe.


Are you the adventurous fashionista or do you like to stick to basics?


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