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Autumn sunlight


The crisp leaves are touched by the setting rays. The rays which contain an ounce of warmth. It urges you to take a full deep breath, taking it all in, before it leaves you alone with the dark cold night which is yet to come.



The autumn sun is one of my favourite things of this season. Although rain is much more assumed with it, I think that the sun rays play a vital part as well. Especially at the beginning of autumn (when I actually took these photographs) when the golden hour is especially the prettiest time of the day.

The way the sun makes its way through the bushes and leaves, is just a beautiful side of nature. When I come back from college, I know that that is the best time to take photographs. You are able to capture the sun setting in a beautiful way, whereby you actually realise how beautiful autumn really is (as just for a second it makes you forget all about the rainy days haha).





I tried to take outfit pictures on this day with the beautiful lightning however I was unsuccessful. When I started to take close up pictures, I saw the beautiful lightning that was created with sun rays so at the end of the shoot I came back with different but very beautiful outcomes.



I tried to play with layers on this day as well of course. Whereby I wore a dress with a jumper as obviously it has started to be much colder outside, however inside our art studio the radiators are on full blast, making it extremly hot. So wearing a summery dress with a winters jumper is the best way to balance it out.

What is your favourite things about Autumn?


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