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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Saturday Night


Getting ready is always my favourite thing to do. Wether it is for an event or a partay. It is just like packing your suitcase to go somewhere, it is always so exciting, but when it comes to unpacking, I literally hate it because that is the part that you actually realise that it’s all over. Wether it is the holiday or the partay, you know that it all has come to an end.







Although I have never been much of a make-up person, I still like to do some touch ups on my face when going to a party. Wether it is hiding up few of the spots on my face or making some features stand out. I often make use of some eye liner and mascara but to I finish the look off with some neutral coloured lipstick. Clearly keeping it very simple. Although I like to play around with make-up like any girl, I still feel like it is ‘not my thing’ and I rather decorate my body with beautiful clothing rather than make-up.



Speaking of clothing just look at the beautiful embellished Indian top that I am wearing. Although you are not able to fully see it, the top detailed bit already shows enough. Since I have done A-level textiles I am always so fascinated by fabric and the way it drapes, layers and creates layers over each other and then don’t even get me started on the embellishments and the ever so beautiful indian patterns on this top.


Normally I like to keep my hair open with doing curls in them but I feel like I always have my hair open with waves in them so I felt like doing something else. I came upon the idea of the bun which I felt looked very sophisticated for this look.


Is getting ready your favourite part as well?



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