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Preppy look


It seems to be rather quite on here so it was about time that I showed my face again. After a tiring deadline and a trip down south with college last week, I finally managed to say hi again on here. This time I have a shoot from not very long ago (only about a month). It was a day that I didn’t feel like going outside to take outfit pictures so I just stayed inside in the conservatory but I still managed to achieve an ‘Autumn’ background without involving any leaves.



This preppy look was inspired by the 70s. I involved some funky cupcake printed shirt with a basic turtleneck and to spice up the outfit, I styled it with a pop of autum colour. I have had this burgundy skirt for a year now and I have been able to style it so many different ways which obviously means I have worn it a lot because it is a super comfy skirt whilst being very stylish. As a matter of fact I am wearing it right now while typing this up.




I have been really liking this trend of turtlenecks combined with shirts. Since I already have a big love going on for shirts for years now, this is just a new way that I have been liking to wear my shirts. With so many different prints and texturised shirts already in my wardrobe, there are endless amounts of ways to style it.

Are you a big fan of styling shirts (in every single way possible just like me)?


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