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creeping in like the sun


It actually seems pre historic now since I have posted on here again. Normally my motivation kind of has up and downs but lately lets just say it has been very much down. Even though my Instagram has been much more active than my blog, even on that social media I was just not feeling. I just wanted to back out a bit. Step away from theses platforms which I am constantly too obsessed about.

The reason that I have decided to post another blogpost now is not only because my holidays have started but also because I have missed this place. This space on the internet which I ‘pay’ for every year to express my thoughts.
Another reason is probably also because I have sooo many outfit photos to be posted from months ago which I still haven’t managed to since I also want to do some Christmas posts I may need to get my butt in gear haha.




I will not make this blogpost too long even though I have a lot of things to talk about because let me tell you there are a whole lot of blogposts coming which you can look forward to so I will have very long conversation in those posts with you guys.



This set of photographs are inspired by the 70’s in which I even tried to experiment with Photoshop in that way. Although the results weren’t ‘exactly’ what I wanted them to be I still wanted to post them on here as it was still proud of them ahah.

What do you think?


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