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Floral prints in the woods


These autumn posts may seem a bit odd to you but here in England it still feels like autumn (even though it is only 1 week till Christmas). The leaves are still hanging colourful in the trees and the temperatures are low but not low enough to make it snow. I guess it is just going to be another year where we will only be singing  ‘I have been dreaming of a white Christmas’ and not actually experiencing it.

Although we don’t fully celebrate Christmas I still love the atmosphere around it. You know the food and the music. With ‘fully’ I mean that normally we go to India every year during the christmas  holidays but this year we are not going which means it will be the second time that we will be staying home and celebrating Christmas.

Since we are Sikhs I guess we don’t celebrate it the proper way obviously. Like a friend asked me a couple of days ago ‘So do you maybe celebrate something else in the December month?’ yes we do. As a matter of fact it is quite an important month for the Sikhs. We remember the sacrifice and the martyrdom of the 4 princes (known as the chaar sahibzaade).



I find it fascinating to learn about my religion which I feel like I have always struggled with since there are not enough resources or actually people who know about it. However I also love to share this knowledge with you guys in order to enlighten you about the Sikh religion as well.  Personally I believe that sharing knowledge is one of the greatest gift that one can give each other as it makes one only wiser and a better person. So for this Christmas (for the people that are celebrating it the proper way) this is my gift to you ahah.




This skirt has the perfect floral print for the Autumn since it doesn’t involve bright Summer colours. I tried to keep the outfit very basic with the the colour black since there is already so much going on with the skirt and with a little bit of a twirl with the skirt I had the best time when shooting the outfits ahah.



Do you celebrate Christmas?


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