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Late Birthday wishes


Exactly a week ago these photographs were being taken whilst I was having my ‘special’ day. Although the day seemed normal it was the night that made it special.




When my parents asked what I wanted to do on my birthday, I didn’t really like the idea of going out for a meal. Instead I wanted to stay in and actually order some pizza. So that night we ordered pizza from Pizza hut and all the fam jam just sat together and we just talked. We are a family of 11 members since we are a joint family. So most of the time everyone is all over the place but right then we just sat all together which made it all so cosy. My younger siblings had also made me a cake! which was seriously so nice of them and what made it even more special was that it was velvet cake with buttercream.


When asked how I feel being 19, let me say that it still hasn’t drilled in. 18 was a good age. It was an age that I had always looked up to. You know when I was younger I always wanted to be 18 and now suddenly I am one year older. It is just a very strange feeling and I don’t know about you but I personally think that 19 is quite an awkward age as well.


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