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Stripes and what not


That the stripes trend has forever been a favourite of mine, is probably no secret. I have merged this trend together with my style that it has now become much more of a statement piece that I like to style rather than a basic piece.





Doing a photoshoot in the forest during the autumnal months is probably one of the most usual things that a blogger will end up doing. The only fascinating thing about the colder days outside is the change of the colourful leaves. Other than that it is just freezing outside. So with enough Tumblr inspiration that my brain could handle I too went on an expedition to create art with my camera.




The outfit was very casual and comfortable, as I rememeber it. I didn’t want to have a typical Tumblr outfit. You know where you have sweaters, buns and probably knee high boots. Instead I added my own autumnal twist to the outfit. A line skirt, with striped turtleneck and a black cardigan which you actually don’t really notice as the colour is merged with my long black hair and black tights.



The fact that my posts are giving off much more Autumn inspiration rather than Winter is because I have finally got around to post them on the internet and the fun part is that there are yet lots more to come.


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