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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Velvet edition


This would have actually been just like any other casual outfit which ussually contains a basic top with jeans, if I hadn’t spiced up the outfit with another material. This velvet cami top instantly adds a different vibe to the complete look.



To be honest with you I can’t give all the credit to the velvet cami top as I am not just wearing any jeans and turtleneck as they both are fabulous in their own way hehe. I mean the turtleneck has this lovely ruffled detail and the jeans are beautifully flared from the bottom. So I would like to call it much more like teamwork.


The velvet top makes you instantly feel much more glamorous since it is normaly (what I perosnally see) something only worn on special events. So the fact that it started to be introduced back into a much more ‘casual’ way made me only much more excited to try the trend out myself. When trying trends I don’t want to style the same way as I see them on other people, instead I like to jazz up tha outfit in my own way.


I have been trying to take some rest from my school work so that is why you have been seeing much of this face on tha blawg hehe and hopefully you will continue to.

Speak soonxxxJazz

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