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4 ways to a healthier lifestyle


If there is one way to start of a good day it would most probably be with the thought ‘I shall be eating healthy today’. I see every day as a new opportunity, to improve on the mistakes that I made yesterday. So the fact that the new year is just around the corner doesn’t lead me to make new years resolutions as I make them everyday for myself.

However most people do see this as a way to change themselves but I would suggest to you to not wait till a new year to improve yourself. Instead do it right now and whenever you get the chance as that will lead you to become a much more improved person, than being the person who is still waiting till the new year before he/she can start improving her/himself.





One of the biggest things that keeps any person happy is their mental health. This can come from food or watching Netflix or as I see it, from exercise. When you exercise you actually release hormones which lead you to be much more happy. So even though watching Netflix gives you happiness as well, isn’t it much better to actually do something great for your body and to not only make you mentally happy but also physically?
It allows you to take a break from this world and just distances you from it for a while. Giving much more importance to your physical health will also make you much more happy about the fact that you are doing something good for yourself. This will increase your body confidence as well of course. Start with a routine that suits you and take it slowly. Maybe start with achieving at least one run a week or doing workouts as you may not even like running at all.
What I do suggest is to not force yourself into the perfect body because that doesn’t exist. Instead pay higher importance on how you feel about yourself rather than numbers on a scale.





Another way to improve on your mental health is meditation . I have been focusing a lot more onto meditation lately. Not only because it relaxes me but also because in Sikhism meditation plays a vital role in order to connect to the one. Since I have started to attend Kirtan lessons as well, learning more about the classical indian music, I have been able to learn more about the religion Sikhism which has then also allowed me to come across a whole lot of meditation music. I like to listen to it throughout the day when doing homework for example as even then it allows me to feel really relaxed when I am actually doing quite stressful work.

I have provided some of the links below which I often like to listen to.




I am sure that enough fitness people have talked about this on their blogs. It is something which I agree to being essential as well as part of a healthy lifestyle. Water is one of things that straight away shows a difference to your diet. Although other lifestyles may take a longer time to actually show the effect that it has on you, water is one of the quickest. Especially on your skin. Suddenly it is much more hydrated and appears to reduce the amount of spots on your face of course. I like to keep a water bottle with me at all times so that I am more likely to drink water.





Let me say this straight away ‘You are what you eat’. Being a healthy eating person will directly have an influence on you not only as a character who keeps much more knowledge on what he or she eats but also the fact that you will start to build a healthy body from the inside as well. How I would like to say it ‘just because someone is thin that doesn’t mean that that person is actually healthy from the inside’.
I am trying more and more to make my own food from scratch in order to eat less processed food. This means me trying to eat more of my 5 a days and slowly cutting down on foods which I have no clue who or how they are possibly made in factories.
Since I shall be going to Uni soon and I will be making my own food, this is just a practice for it hehe.
Being a vegetarian (and on the way of becoming a vegan) I personally find it quie hard to find simple to make. However this is where my creativity comes in so I actually have a lot of fun whilst making food. It is almost like a science experiment which involves trial and improvement. Doesn’t that sound much more interesting than opening up a packet and putting it straight away into the oven?

I have also started a new Tumblr blog on which I often share some healthy recipes.
Click here for tha blawg


What are your tips to a healthy lifestyle I would love to know?



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