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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

and the year just flew by


At the beginning of the year I wrote myself a letter. You know the future me. The one that is typing this right now. Since writing the letter so much has changed. This doesn’t only include my knowledge, my character, my surroundings but also the time.



Time. It passes by so quick that it is often neglected or wasted. We believe that it is here to stay and stand next to us. While in actual fact it is only to stand next to you, to race you.




Now we are in this new year where there is yet so much to happen. Not knowing who we will get to meet, where we will get to travel, what we will get to experience and what kind of changed person we shall be at the end of the year which only time will tell.


My first ever watch was a blue one with funky prints on it I still remember it very well as that was when I started to develop a love for watches. Over the years I have had various watches including gold ones, digital ones, funky ones but also an all time favourite Ice watch as well. From all these different styles it has eventually lead me to this to Daniel Wellington. I purchased this beauty only a few weeks ago but it has been on my mind for about 2 years now. Back then it was becoming a real ‘hype’ on Instagram and instantly I wanted to buy it. It is so elegant and sophisticated than my previous watches. However it was the colour and design that held me back as I just couldn’t decide.


After a very long debate wether to go for a black or a brown strap I just went for them both. The elegant black (which shall be worn on special occasions) and vintage brown (which shall be worn on every casual days). In terms of the rose gold, isn’t it just beautiful? It all adds up to its elegance.


Rose Gold 40 MM Black Classic Sheffield – Click here
Watch Band Classic Bristol- Click here

Click here for Daniel Wellington website


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