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Burgundy look


Can you sense that feeling? That feeling of blueness. It is a distinct feeling which can only be felt during January. When Christmas and new year are long gone and when we are now instead all headed back to our usual everyday routines.





When I realised that it was January as soon as we hit the new year I straight away felt this depressing gut feeling. I love December. I mean it is the month that I am born in and it is also the month when all of the family comes together. Whereas normally we all go to India together, that wasn’t the case this time. So I guess the blues already started to appear when I found out that the whole family wasn’t going to be together this year. Now I am here in England posting throwback photographs of last year in India on Instagram whilst my cousins are in India having a fabulous time.



However I mustn’t complain as I have able to get so much more work done. This doesn’t only mean school wise but also blog wise. Till now I am keeping a track and hopefully I will be keep it that way.


The pop of the colour burgundy basically describes my mood in the best way. The beautiful embroidery on the jumper is what made me buy the piece straight away. I styled it with the perfect matching skirt which just made the outfit complete. All perfect coordination just by chance.



Just when I was looking to the back to strike a pose lol, I saw this cat. We both stared at each other and then continued with whatever we were doing in the first place but I love the way how this photograph was taken just when I was looking at the cat.

Are you sensing the January blues?


Jumper- Zara
Skirt- UO

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