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What I ate today #3


Writing about food is actually something that really excites me as I am not only the one that is always taking fashion photos but I am also really into food photography. I was even considering myself about making another blog that would consist of only food recipes. However since I am already a very busy gal that already struggles with posting at least once a week on this blog, another one would just be out of the question.

Although an alternative to this idea was something easier which I was also already considering, a Tumblr account. Whereby it would be super easy to post via my phone. So I set one up and now  share all the photographs that I take of my food on there.

8.00 am

The day started off for me having a quick toast.  I know that breakfast is a very important meal of the day so I never miss it. Even sometimes when I don’t feel hungry I just have a small toast. That was exactly what I did on this day. I was already running late so I just had the toast when I was stuck in morning traffic lol when life doesn’t even give you time for a proper breakfast.

11.00 am

Since having just a toast for lunch and not even a cup of tea, I was feeling a bit hungry at 11 so I quickly had a juicy apple whilst doing my school work. I try to have an apple every other day as I do try to take my five a days even though it doesn’t always go to plan.

12.00 pm

On Wednesdays I like to treat myself by eating out for lunch as it is a long day. Whereby I leave the house at 8 and arrive home at 5. There was a salad in Starbucks which I had my eye on for quite a while now. So I quickly made my way to Starbucks and grabbed the Falafel & Quinoa Lentil salad and then had it whilst continuing with art. The salad itself was oke I guess because I have always had falafel balls in wraps that now I only like them in wraps. Also the salad was quite dry, apart from the beetroot hummus which I must say trying it for the first time it was very nice. I don’t think that it was a personal favourite but it was very filling.


5.00 pm

Arriving home I was literally starving. Although my mum was already busy with cooking, I still felt like having a (healthy) snack so I quickly had an orange as I read somewhere that whenever you fancy a filling snack, an orange is the best for that.

6.00 pm

Yes finally dinner. That night it was pie night with mash, veggies and gravy. This is always my favourite because I love pies. Especially with the cheese sauce inside the vegetarian pies. I didn’t take any photos of the meal because I forget as I was that hungry hehe.

That was me for the day. Looking back at it, it looks like I am seriously really healthy haha which I am not. I will literally have a lot more food on one day than this which involves a lot of chocolate and biscuits. The only reason that I didn’t have anything like that on this day was because I was too busy doing school work. Since interviews, deadlines and digital portfolios are coming.

Also throughout the day I like to keep a water bottle with me to keep myself hydrated and since I am trying to drink more water.

I do try to post on my Tumblr page every other day as I love sharing food pictures so do check it out so that I can remember those recipes for in the future.
Click here for the link.

Speak soon (about food lol)


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