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Cold flare

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Ok let me ask you a question first of all. Can you tell a difference between these photographs and the last blogposts that I have posted? If you cannot then allow me to tell you this, these photographs are from a year ago (insert shocked emoji).

I feel like there is a huge difference between my appearance but also my personality. Appearance wise just have a look at my hair. It is just so damn short, now it is somewhere over my bum. In a way I miss my short hair as it is easier to deal with as now it is just such a hassle whenever I have my hair down. Especially when I am carrying lots of different bag with me to school. Now it is just a short period of time before I will start to sitting down on my hair. I haven’t cut my hair for 1 1/2 years now and I am actually not about to have them cut anytime soon.

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IMG_0309_2 copyWeb Document

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Ok secondly just have a look at my baby face. Seriously is just me or is that a face of a 13 year old girl (while in realty I was 18 lol). I feel like since I don’t wear any make-up I am often mistaken for being younger which I do sometimes mind because people do treat you differently depending on your age but for the future this is the perfect gene to making me look young lol.

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IMG_0304_2 copy


I remember how cold it was on that day but I still decided to take off my coat just for the outfit pictures. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea but hey in the end I got some amazing photographs and the photographer (aka becky) and I enjoyed a lovely hot chocolate afterwards which was super nice. We were lucky that day that even though the temperatures were freezing, the beautiful flares of the sun decided to reach the earth’s surface for us to create some beautiful pieces of art work.

IMG_0297_2 copy

IMG_0322_2 copy

It is also quite amusing to see how fashion changes so quickly in just a years time. I mean I do see myself wearing this again but then in a very different way. Challenging myself to wear brighter coloured turtlenecks with it but also turtlenecks that have ruffles, bell sleeves and other beautiful details on them and this is only a year that we are talking about.

IMG_0294_2 copy

What do you think of this about a year ago look?


Dress- New Look
Turtleneck – Divadames
Ring – Accessorize

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