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Fuji Instax mini 90 snaps

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Looking at something can be defined in so many different ways in which a lot of features have to be taken into considerations. It is about how you look at the colours, the elements involved in it but also the whole scene that is going on at the same time. We all interpret things so differently that even these eyes define things around us in such a way as 2 artist would paint their surroundings. Both of their works would then be interpreted so differently that even their art work would then again be defined in so many different ways by our eyes.

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This is the beauty of art. Wether that comes through a painting, a fashion garment or in this case a photograph.
When you look into even greater detail when it comes to photography, there are again so many different ways to take them which result into different outcomes. From a phone camera to a disposable camera or from a dslr to a polaroid camera and then don’t get me started on the amount of diverse cameras that you can get within them sections.

I have been able to get my hands on a polaroid camera just before the new year. I have ben willing to get one for such a long time. I was interested to work with a camera which reverts back to the olden days when you would’t know the outcome of the photograph (unlike my current dslr) until it would have been printed off and even then you wouldn’t know if it has worked or not.

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I like this sense of adventure with photography. You never know wether the shoot is going to be successful or not. So I went on my little experiment as well. The first shot especially kind of terrified me lol. I was like ‘please don’t ruin the first shot Jasmine please don’t’ and luckily it worked out better than I expected and it was on January the 1st as well so you know a good way to start of the year with, with memories trapped in a photograph of course.

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Then when I went to use it for my school work (which was one of the reasons for why I bought it as well) I got to experiment a unique Polaroid based feature: the double exposure. I was literally so excited to do this. Although the results didn’t turn out the exact way that I actually wanted them to but still they excited me, because of the unknown outcome with this feature, the end result was still something interesting to look at.

IMG_0079_1 copy

One thing is for sure, Polaroids are for very special occasions so that when you look back at the pictures, you will be able to feel the night all over again. This shot reverts to a girly night with my sister and cousin.

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Here I have experimented with the double exposure again for another school piece where I wanted the embroidery to come through the Harmandir Sahib and you are somehow able to see it.

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I was over at my cousin when she was sitting after her desk in such a Tumblr way that I had a photoshoot with her right there and then lol

I can’t wait to share the second batch of polaroids with you guys which may just be on the way.

Until then xxxJazz

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