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Wall update

IMG_0419 copy

With so much inspiration on the loose around me eventually this wall would have been growing. It was just over the Summer when I posted a blogpost about travel cards that I had been collecting and then sticking on the wall and now it has grown more into a diverse platform where I like to stick things on that inspire me.

So today I will be talking about where I got certain cards, polaroids and posters from rather than the usual clothing lol.

When we came back from Berlin of course I brought back a postcard to mark the memories but like always I like to pick out a unusual-not-the-typical-tourist-postcard. So I went for this black and white postcard which was an old photograph of the first Zeppelin above the Brandenburger Tor in 1924.

IMG_0429 copy

At the end of the Summer I went to a lot of open days and one of them was UCA where I got these really cute postcards with student’s sketches on them. This includes the blue girl who is knitting and a gentlemen with a hat.

IMG_0424 copy

Then in November I went to London with college and we went to visit the White Chapel gallery where they had a lot of postcards with a lot of funky designs. After spending quite the time to decide I finally concluded on two. I seriously couldn’t choose between them so decided to take them both. One of the postcard had a design of Kurt Schwitters whom I knew of and the second one was a quote that I really liked ‘Her absence filled the world’.



I was reading the Elle magazine in December when I came across this page that I really liked. Normally I wouldn’t rip images out of such a sophisticated magazine but I liked the page a lot and wanted to stick it onto the wall so in the end I still decided to do so. I actually had quite the fun whilst ripping out the page and may rip out even more in the future hehe.


A few weeks ago me, my sister and my cousin had a little girls night together where we had a lot of fun. Since my cousin is at Uni now it is quite hard to spend the time together so when we are together we try to make the most of it and this was such a nice night together I thought what better way to remember it than with a polaroid eh?
IMG_0428 copy

Whilst in Berlin we also took a few polaroids in the local photo booths which are especially to be seen in the hipster side of Berlin. We were able to take colour and black & white ones. My cousin had the orginal ones and I wanted a photocpy of them which I eventually managed to do last month (lol after 6 months).

IMG_0421 copy

IMG_0415 copy

I love the fact that this wall is expanding and I am actually looking forward to what else I will soon be sticking on but I will keep you updated onto that. Until then

Do you have an inspiration wall in your room?


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