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January Favourites

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I normally never post favourites because I feel like they keep on changing every week so I actually never seem to remember. However I am trying to be much more organised by jotting things down. This included details of this blogpost lol.

In december I bought these embroidered jeans from Zara and at first I thought that I would find it quite tricky to style them. Whenever I buy new clothing I like to challenge myself on how to merge a new item into my style and therefore I though that it would take me some time to get used to them. However January has been the month that I have been wearing it non-stop. Literally they have become my go-to-jeans and are maybe taking over my mom jeans obsession at the minute.

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Wether it is the Summer or the Winter my lips are always dry. So I am always in need of a good lip balm and this one from Palmer’s is perfect. It has a lovely coconut smell and the creamy texture that it leaves on my lips lasts up, to I would say 2-3 hours so incredibly perfect.

IMG_0047_1 copy

When I got the Fuji Mini 90, I also saw this bag that went along with it. With its funky print it straight away persuaded me to buy it. It reminds me of a chalkboard with various colours drawn onto it with chalk which is what I really like about it.

IMG_0008_2 copy

Although this shoot is not yet posted on the blog (just a little preview guys) it is still one of my favourite shoot of the month. With the sunset at one end of the photograph and darkness on the other end, it is the perfect juxtaposition of light snapped into one photograph.

IMG_0110_1 copy

This candle I got gifted on my birthday. Although I am not a fan of mango, I love the smell of mango which just reminds me of the summer. On top of it the combination of the candle is passion fruit & mango. That is just summer in a pot.

IMG_0012_4 copy

I have been having so many shoots with the sun which include my face (see above) or some which were without. Just have a look at my Instagram it is full with sunsets and sunrises lol. The photograph down below I must say is one of my favourite that I shot this month. With the clear crisp blue sky which is faded into the last remaining rays of the sun and the branches of the trees which are spread like ink on a paper.

IMG_0073_1 copy

These were my favourites of the month. I hope you enjoyed reading as I may start to try and continue this series, if of course I remember to jot down my favourites during the month;)

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