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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

Embroidered flowers

With my interviews and portfolios starting to settle down after this week, I finally had some time to sit down and type up this blogpost. It always feels good to get a cup of tea and to just down behind my laptop and just let out all of my thoughts and feelings out onto this blog.

Since being creative all the time at school I feel like I am always lead towards trying out new things for my blog. This is me relaxing lol. I will literally never sit down. By constantly doing something new it motivates me and gives me a good feeling. Yes of course I have days when I just sit behind youtube all day and just watch random pranks (seriously this is my therapy hehe) but by constantly being on the move it is something I seriously love doing. Normally I would be working on something for my blog or even school and then just put kirtan in the background which is so relaxing.

Yes I am a slow worker which means I don’t get work done quickly but that is just something that often leads me to achieve greater things as my brain then takes a long time to process stuff- throughout which I get a million and one ideas to work from then (hehe one good thing about it). I am just thankful to be able to do all of this, you know being a creative artist and being able to express myself though photography, poetry, modelling (lol), videos but also with all the creative work that I get to do at school by taking inspiration around me.  Once you start seeing how beautiful everything is around you just can’t stop to think who has the power to create such beauty.

There are also lots of new projects that I am working on including photography and film but also lifestyle posts as they are great motivators as well in which I will be sharing things like my skincare routine or even vegan snacks (yes guys I am seriously thinking about going vegan).

Even when standing in front of the wardrobe every morning that too is a creative challenge of coming up with new outfits and I enjoy it every time as I never know what I will come up with that morning. Such as for this outfit who knew that velvet and embroidery worked so well together. The colour combination is so perfect as for the pink velvet top it makes the pink in the embroidery stand out more.

How do you like to express yourself creatively?



Jeans- Zara

Top- Traffic People

Turtleneck- Divadames

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