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Is there a fancy title needed for this beautiful city? The name on its own already does justice to it. A unique name for a unique city.

For an instant you had to believe that all the cold and bitterness was left behind. We were now standing on fresh ground where new memories were to be made and new adventures were to be experienced. Unknown of the next 4 days we made our first step from the airplane to the ground. Blinded by the illuminate bright light, looking about, searching around for that one warmly friend that we all were desperate to be greeted by. You could feel its presence with the hot air and high temperatures but it still seemed to be hiding somewhere behind one or two clouds.

After leaving my house early morning (literally at 1.30), we finally arrived in Barcelona at about 10 am which gave us plenty of time to start exploring the city on the same day. Even though we were all super tired as I only had like 4 hours of sleep, I was still super excited to set off in this beautiful city.

Since we stayed in the Gràcia district it was a much quieter place than the centre of Barcelona. This also meant that there weren’t many tourists and there were more locals living here. So to actually get the Barcelona feel this was an excellent place to stay. There were endless amount of cute streets which were way to photogenic for words.

After having lunch and the first Spanish food (lol) we set off to actually burn these calories as we had a 30 min walk to Park Guell on the to-do list for the day. This was when we started to realise the heat of Barcelona but also the sun started to come out of the clouds and say hello just when we were trying to walk this steep hill. The photograph below was taken when we were on top of that hill. Just a reminder for what we had achieved haha.

Once arrived at Park Guell I could obviously not just put my camera away. The beautiful intricate work of Antoni Gaudí is just unmissable. His abstract work is so eye catching at this present day of time, I wonder how abstract it would have been back in the days when this art was yet not fully established.  Once inside the park we had endless photography sessions but also the atmosphere inside was just lovely. Although it was a very busy place for tourists for me it felt like the perfect Summer day. There was the summer sun, a slight cold breeze and of course the music that was being played inside the park. Especially the guys below they were seriously really good.

Did I mention that there are endless amount of palm trees in Barcelona, no matter where you go? Even though you have just arrived on the first day, believe me you would have at least seen 50 or even more.

The day ended for us by walking back and resting off our feet as we were super tired. Tomorrow was going to be a long day so rest was important. Of course to officially end the day we went to get some ice-cream from this lovely shop that wasn’t too far from where we were staying but I will talk more about that in another post.

Till then xxxJazz

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