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el segon dia

Then I came around to editing the second day of our journey, you know the ‘actual proper day’ in Barcelona. Today we woke up to the Barcelona sun with breakfast waiting downstairs for us. We knew that we had a big day in front off us with the pre-planned itinerary but also with some of our own adventurous plans.

By walking past the intricate architectures of Barcelona I must have taken one too many photographs. The bright sun reflected from our sunglasses and the layer of warmth that surrounded our body gave us the atmosphere of being on a tropical holiday. Without knowing we arrived at our first place that was on our to-do list. It was the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. Here we saw a whole lot of different artistic pieces. Some of them were fascinating the way they were created or portrayed but some of them were inspiring.

There was a full bottom and top floor which you were able to see in my last week’s video. In which the walls were full of postcards of various places around the world. They were collected from different flee markets. This work not only inspired me in terms of my project that I will be doing soon at college but also the fact that I really love collecting postcards as well which I have done from a young age. I was no where near to the amount of cards that were in this museum but still I do have quite a range.

Now the sun was fully out at the top. Not hided by any buildings or even trees. It was soaking up any coldness and bitter corners around the streets which were still desperate for its rays. We stepped out of the museum and made way towards our next destination.

We made way towards the other side of the city where the cold breeze cooled us down. The blue water and the tropical palmtrees made us want to just sit down and soak in the ‘not-yet-totally-summer-sun’. Instead we headed out to grab some lunch on one of the famous streets of Barcelona La Ramble. This may or may have not included maccies (hehe) but also some of Barcelona’s fresh juicy fruit which we got from one of the markets.

Soon after we split off into different groups and suddenly some of us decided to go more into the city whilst others wanted to chill out at the beach (including me). Still being inspired by the beautiful architectural shapes and lines around me I made notes to later sit down and do art as well. Being in such a beautiful city it was a bit hard to not take notice of the beautiful intricate details around me.

The crystal blue water actually made me want to take a dip but once I stepped into the water with my feet the coldness struck me and I had to withdraw that idea. Even though the heat around me was enough for me as a British summer, the cold water had a different story to tell.

Maybe the water seemed too cold as the sun started to take a dip in the water as well. Unfortunately we didn’t stay to watch the sunset as we had to head over to our next thing to do which was the museum of Picasso. Such a fascinating and inspiring place to go to and see Picasso as an artist grow. I definitely recommend going to this museum which was the perfect way to end the day with but also the fact that I got learn more about his work.

Till the next day xxxJazz

Have you ever been to Barcelona?

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