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Praktik Bakery

I live for fresh bread. Let alone fresh you got me at bread. Wether it is a panini, pitta or in this case a baguette. Since I have come back from Barcelona I have seriously been craving this lunch that I had at the bakery so I though about sharing this place with you guys which is a much visit for all the fresh-bread-lovers. My baguette contained cheese with spinach and sun-dried tomatoes. Also not to forget fresh orange juice just made it all complete. Did I just give you a mouth watering recipe?

You were also able to see the fresh bread being baked. This was because the sitting place and the kitchen were divided by just massive glass windows and doors allowing us to see through the kitchen. This was something that I thought made the place a little bit more unique than other bakeries.

Hotel Praktik Bakery, Carrer de Provença, 279, 08037 Barcelona, Spain


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