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Late night walks

We all have those days when life doesn’t seem to go our way. It may be a small thing which will then end up affecting us the whole day or even the whole week. However in these difficult moments we must still look around us and actually appreciate what we do have instead of focusing on things that we don’t have.

Right now if you have a glass of water or bottle by your side it means that your are already very lucky compared to the 783 million people which do not even have access to safe water around the world.  It is easy to just forget appreciating small things that we have around us and instead start worrying ourselves about things that we don’t have. These negative thoughts will obviously eventually lead to negativity but if you just a take a moment for your self and actually appreciate things around you. This may be done by just taking a walk outside and exploring the beautiful world that we live in. The nature, the sunset and the sky aren’t they just breath taking?

If you start to think in this way, believe me, you will start to see what kind of beautiful and precious life that we have been gifted to experience this. So the next time you feel a bit down just take some time out to go outside for at least a 30 min walk to appreciate the beautiful world outside that may just be on the street that you are living.


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