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" Fashion is to stand out not to fit in "

j a s m i n e a n d w o r d s

Hey you, it’s me Jasmine. The person that used to come on here at least once a week and chat about her weekly doses of nothing and everything. I still exist fyi, I just don’t seem to come and show my face on here anymore and talk about that randomness as I used to. I felt like I was forcing myself. That flow and enthusiasm that I used to have just wasn’t there anymore. So I stepped away and felt like I wouldn’t return anytime soon. However this brain of mine just wouldn’t agree to that and it once again wanted to come to this platform and write about something. I don’t know about what but just something.

W o r d s – something we use to express ourselves with. We all are in need of it. Wether you like to use them to talk to your bestie or in my case actually sharing them on here. It is actually not hard for me to actually start a conversation with any one as I have always been the ‘chatty one’ you see, so when trying to explain why I don’t seem to show up on this platform I actually don’t know where to start. With so many reasons piling up and never actually leaving that huge pile, the last thing that I wanted to do was come on my blog and have a big rant about it. Instead I decided to take it slow and just see whenever I ‘could’ post which eventually lead me to never actually posting anything.


But I want to come back. You see I enjoy this creativity. Sharing photographs and talking about them on here.

So you may not see my face every 2 days on here but I definitely want to start posting at least once a week. Maybe I should have a specific day? I don’t know yet but I shall keep you updated xxxJazz

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