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Sante Gelato

Looking back at the old posts that I still need to post, I realised that I still had a few from Barcelona and since it’s so cold outside and the only thing that I still look forward to is a hot cup of tea in my hands, I wanted to get some of the Summer feeling that I had 2 months ago in Barcelona.


So talking about my favourite ice-cream place over there that we visited more than once hehe, I guess it will just take my mind off the miserable rain outside.

On the first day we desperately felt the need to have a ‘gelato’. It’s just a different experience to have ice-cream in a ‘hot’ country instead of having it back here in England. So I looked up a place and luckily there was a place nearby. In fact it was only 2 min from where we stayed. So it was decided that after dinner we would go to the ice-cream shop and get a sante gelato.

With so many different flavours to choose from we took our time to decide what we were having. Even though we went twice to this friendly place on our whole trip, this still wasn’t enough for the range of flavours that they had. The first time I had a strawberry with stracciatella. If you think that was a good choice wait until I tell you what I had the next time we went. Then I had dark chocolate which was also vegan (this was unintentionally then because I wasn’t a vegan yet) and raspberry. This was such a good combination. However there were still so many flavour that I wanted to try but if that were to happen then I probably had to have a gelato for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst I was over there.

I can just taste the flavours in my mouth whilst taking about it and it has definitely evoked those summer feelings that I wanted to ahaha. Can’t wait till I can start having ice-cream here in England as well or even try out making my own vegan ice-cream.

Of course I will be sharing that recipe on my blog as well but until then xxxJazz

 Sante Gelato, Carrer del Rosselló, 287, 08037 Barcelona, Spain

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