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flores de primavera

suffocated with the grey clouds
i long for those forgotten days
of having a picnic next to the apple tree
or when my skin still knew the definition of vitamin D

It is hard to imagine that it was only in March that I was actually in this beautiful city of Barcelona soaking up the Summer sun. Now here we are in England where we just wish to see the sun at least once a week. I still had these photographs that just reminded of the beauty that I was surrounded by whilst I was over there. That doesn’t only mean the sun rays that would keep me warm but also the nature around me. A city is not only about its architectural straight lines but also about whether it has preserved the original life that was already there. The fact that there are so many palm trees literally everywhere already answers that question.

My college work is fully based on this idea. So whilst I was in Barcelona I took a whole lot of photographs in order to use them for my project but since there are so many beautiful photographs I seriously wanted to share them on here.

I think I want to write a summer to-do list or goals. Things that I want to do this Summer before being a stressful uni person. Like having picnics in the sun, having random road trips but especially planning to travel a lot more. Maybe I will be doing a before and after summer blogpost to see what I did and did not do and hopefully I will be able to tick al of the boxes.  This will help me make the most of the time that I have instead of not doing anything at all which I sorta-kinda-end up doing every year hehe.

xxx From-hopefully-a-future-productive-Jazz


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