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a pop of colour

With the summer season upon us I think that one of the most excited part of it is to experiment and blend with the vibrant colours that we are surrounded by. With so many ways to actually incorporate colour into our outfits, today I shall be showing you one of them.

I think that one of the best way to really vamp up your outfit are sunglasses. Every year my collection of sunglasses grows even more. With this year an addition of this yellow baby I will definitely be wearing it all summer long. Since I don’t have any yellow clothing items, i think that with these yellow sunnies I will definitely be showing off my fav colour.
There are so many shades of colour out there. However i have noticed that i always seem to go for bright colour and not the usual black and white since they just about add that spice to any simple outfit.

Another thing that I have been seeing a lot of lately are belts. From thin to really thick ones. To highlight the waist curves or just worn with mom jeans. They have just become style icons. I too was on the lookout for some brown ones to wear with my mom jeans however when i saw these multi coloured ones the other day it reminded me of the belts that I used to have when I was about 10 or something. With already having my black mom jeans, these will be perfect to bring colour to my outfit with a unique twist to them.

Accessorises are such an easy way to add colour to your outfit and with these new purchases from urban outfitters I will definitely be able to wear black all summer long with only just ‘a pop of colour’.

Click here for sunnies

Click here for the belt

I hope I gave you some inspiration on how to incorporate colour into your outfit
till next time xxxJazz

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